Tampa firm seeks to open warehouse in Cuba

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A Tampa company is trying to win approval from the Cuban government to open a warehouse distribution facility in Cuba that could potentially supply the island’s budding private sector and would stock U.S. products allowed to be exported to Cuba under exceptions to the embargo. Florida Produce, a veteran of exporting food to Cuba, first Continue Reading…

cuba billion debt

Cuba, creditors reach historic multi-billion debt deal

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PARIS (AP) — Cuba has reached a landmark agreement with foreign creditors over billions of dollars in unpaid debt dating back 25 years. The Paris Club of creditor nations announced a deal Monday under which creditors will cancel $8.5 billion in overdue interest payments, in exchange for a promise by Cuba to pay off $2.6 Continue Reading…

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Miami Republican files legislation in Congress to end automatic benefits for Cuban immigrants

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Citing flagrant abuse of government funds, a Miami congressman published legislation Tuesday to stop automatically granting Cubans in the U.S. welfare benefits that take most immigrants of other nationalities years to obtain. Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo, himself a Cuban American, filed a bill to amend existing federal law that treats all Cuban arrivals as refugees Continue Reading…

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Obama wants to meet with dissidents in Cuba

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President Obama promised in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News that he “very much” hopes to visit Cuba during his last year in office, but only if he can meet with pro-Democracy dissidents there. “If I go on a visit, then part of the deal is that I get to talk to everybody,” Obama said. Continue Reading…

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Popular Cuba Worries Her Neighbors

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Imagine Cuba as the popular girl in school, she gets all the attention. Turns out, it’s not a bad analogy.   Not everybody is so excited about Cuba “opening up”.  In fact, her neighbors are very nervous about the whole deal.  In 38 years of holding annual conferences, the Caribbean Central America Action group, a Washington-based Continue Reading…

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Cuba: U.S. travelers in Cuba can now use Stonegate Bank debit card

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For the first time, American travelers will be able to use a debit card in Cuba, easing the need to carry big wads of cash to make payments on the island. Pompano Beach-based Stonegate Bank announced Thursday that it will offer customers a debit MasterCard that can be used in Cuba by Americans who qualify Continue Reading…

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